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    The Story of Pebble and Moss

    We met at Rainbow Tots, a local playgroup and our two little monkeys hooked and linked us together like velcro, as they ran wild around the village hall, disobeying the whistle and the raised hands, which were the signal for all toddlers to be still and quiet – which they all did, except or course William and Freddie! That's when we decided to bale and meet up outdoors, where they could race around and scream to their heart's content! And so with nappy bags, flasks of hot chocolate and a sense of finding a soul mate our friendship (and adventures) began together.


    We have both had a passion for interiors, sourcing and finding unusual pieces to fill our homes, designing our houses to be a calm and peaceful environment, and bringing different textures to each room.


    Amy has grown up in a family of Auctioneers, selling antiques and vintage furniture. Katie has traveled through France brocanting and filling her home with gorgeous fabrics and linens. We have chatted and dreamt of starting a small business, putting all our ideas together, and creating a shop with understated but beautiful and timeless pieces to enhance homes and complement individual lifestyles...paired back, minimal pieces that have character and unique charm.


    We will start slowly building our little shop, creating a website, and starting on Instagram, where you can follow us on our journey. We are so excited about our new adventure...we so hope you will be a part of it. We would love to share our finds and hope you may see one of two things you may like to add to your homes too.


    Our values have underpinned our mission to present a collection of beautiful and unique objects to buy for now and keep forever.


    “If you love something, it will work. That's the only real rule.”

    Bunny Williams


    “ The things that we love tell us what we are.”

    Thomas Aquinas


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